How an interior decorator can help you?

Improving your living environment can be exciting and a great way to express yourself.  The designs and styles that you select for your home, condo, or apartment will reflect your personality and character. Nowadays there are lots of ways when it comes to interior designs and style.

One of the option available to you is to use a interior decorator.  Not all interior decorators.  However, many can be but it is just a matter of shopping around to find the right person for your budget.  So what does an interior decorator do?

An interior decorator helps people achieve the perfect designs and styles that they want to apply for their homes. They can give you different ideas and create a mood that reflects your taste, style and personal preferences. There are lots of things that you need to consider when you are decorating your home.

Color is an important factor when it comes to interior decorating. You will need to decide on what type of color you want to go with. Different colors evoke different emotions, and the fundamental interior design decoration is to pick the right color that fits your personality.

With the help of a interior decorator, you can find the perfect blend of colors for your taste. The proper arrangement of furniture and the placement of each piece of furniture are some of the other things that a professional decorator will take care off for you.

Hiring an interior decorator is quite effective and efficient even though it is expensive. Sometimes the prices that the decorator offer may base on the square footage of your home.  So look around and decide on a decorator that understands your needs and fits your budget.

Lake Shore Drive – History

Lake Shore Drive is a freeway expressway running parallel with and along with the shoreline of Lake Michigan through Chicago, Illinois. Except for the portion of Lake Shore Drive, north of Foster Avenue (5200 North), Lake Seacoast Drive is marked as part of USA Freeway 41.

Lake Seacoast Drive’s origins date back to Potter Palmer, who coerced the city to construct the street adjacent to his lakefront property to boost its worth. Palmer developed his “castle” at 1350 N. Lake Seashore Drive in 1882. The drive was initially planned for leisurely strolls for the affluent in their carriages in Chicago, but as the auto age come into effect, the lane was used for something bigger.

In 1937, the double-decker Link Bridge over the Chicago Waterway started, along with viaducts over rail backyards and additional industrial areas connecting to both ends of it. By the time the bridge was constructed, it was the lengthiest and widest bascule bridge in the world.

Lake Shore Drive was extended from Belmont Pathway (3200n) north to Foster Approach (5200n) in 1933, where it ended till the 1950s when it was prolonged– 1st briefly to Bryn Mawr (5600n) & then in 1957 to its current terminus at Hollywood Opportunity (5700n). The dumping ground utilized for the 1930s expansion was primarily muck, but the 1950s expansion included rubble as well as particles from the devastation of properties razed for the development of the Expressway (now the Eisenhower Expressway). Sections of the drive in between Irving Park Roadway and the Foster Pathway still have the original concrete from the 1930s.  While the rest of the expressway have their modern looking to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of drivers that use her roads everyday.

Expansion of Lake Shore Drive is presently under construction to supply access to a brand new progression in South Chicago of the old USA Steel plant internet site. A thirty year advancement strategy predicted to cost $4 billion was authorized by the town in September 2010.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier was built in 1916 as part of a plan to transform the Navy Pier into a mixed-purpose social infrastructure. Mainly used as a seconded hand freight services, the pier was previously additionally used as a docking area for steamers for passenger trips. The outermost tip of the pier was used for social events and home entertainment in the pre-air conditioning days. Some time back, Navy Pier even had a streetcar.

Navy Pier is about 3300 feet in length and also spreads along the Chicago coastline of Lake Michigan.  Today it is a tourist magnet and a area that locals enjoy especially during the summer time.

During the 1950’s, considered the pier’s “Golden Age”, the pier was a local party destination and Navy Pier obtain local prestige as it was no longer consider a dockyard.  From 1965 to 1989, the city began to invest money into the reconstruction of Navy Pier to lure tourist by making the area into a large public gathering destination.  Navy Pier was restored and presently houses food kiosks, a ballroom, concert stage, convention hub and stores. The core attraction is the 150-foot ferries tire, complemented by an IMAX live theater, the Chicago Shakespeare Live theater, the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows and also the Chicago Children’s Art gallery.
Public art sculptures, a huge animated fun water fountain, parks, gardens, dining establishments, outlets and several passing entertainment celebrations lighten up the contemporary Navy Pier, today. The most popular yearly tourist attraction at the pier is the Venetian Night time festivity. Navy Pier is schedule for more restorations project soon, as the city of Chicago plans on adding a monorail, spokeless ferris tire, roller coaster, floating hotel as well as water park.

It is clear that the city wants to keep Navy Pier relevant and a popular destination point in the city of Chicago.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of Summer and no where else in Chicago is that most evident than in the area around the Lake Point Tower.  You got Navy Pier, the water front, the harbor area, and all the excitement generated from all the people coming to the water.  The boats start sailing more often and the crowd looking to enjoy the start of summer flock to Navy Pier.

The firework shows also start in the evening off of Navy Pier and you are blessed with the best views of the firework show.  The beautiful private park at 505 N. Lake Shore Drive allows you to enjoy the sunset and the beautiful glass area and park that is a nice amenity for all the residents.

Live Among The Elite

The gorgeous 555 N. Lake Shore Drive location has always been known for this special location and elite residences.  Look right next to Navy Pier, PFC Milton Olive Park, and the Chicago Children’s Museum, this attractive residential building stand out on its own.

There aren’t many buildings located on the lakefront side of Lake Shore Drive.  It’s unlikely that any new building will be allowed to go up around it either because of a legislative ban currently in place to protect the lakefront area.

Given its heavenly location, it is no wonder that many athletes like Joakim Noah, Andre Dawson, Ozzie Guillen, Sammy Sosa,and Ryne Sandberg have all at one point or another called it their home.  Celebrity actor and actress like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have called Lake Point Tower their home as well.  Politician, musicians, ceos, and many others have all resides there as well.

Magnificent Streeterville High Rise

Perhaps the most prestige residential building in Streeterville is the Lake Point Tower.  Located at 505 North Lake Shore Drive.  The building stands about 645 feet high.  There are 70 floors of condos, apartments, restaurants and retail shops and stores in this gorgeous building.

The unique shape of the building was inspired by Mies Van De Rohe.  The building was design by the architectural firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst & White.  The building is perfect located in Nay Pier, the Riverwalk, Michigan Avenue bridge and the Magnificent Mile.

The building is made of concrete glass and depending on the time of the day, appears to be made of  different colors.  The building stands on its own in the shore of Lake Michigan.  Unlikely most buildings in Chicago, one is able to view off sides of the Lake Point Tower.

The building has nine elevators all located in the center of the building.  This was intended to provide the residences of the building with unobstructed views throughout.  There approximately nine hundred apartments and condos in the building.  The building has over 700 parking spaces in her parking garage for visitors and residences.

Today the 505 North Lake Shore Drive building is ranked as the thirty-first tallest building in Chicago.


Welcome to 505 North Lake Shore Drive!  The home to the most sought after real estate property in all of Chicago.  This gorgeous high rise located within Streeterville is home to the rich and famous.  It’s condos and apartments are the most prized properties in the windy city.  No other property on Lake Shore Drive commands the same level of beauty and elegant.